Lots of college career centers, workshops and websites provide general information.  At ISCA, we provide individualized, personalized and practical advice as well as our specialized knowledge and experience tapered to each client's career needs.  That's why our clients stand out and are successful!

Our Services

We provide convenient, face-to-face, private consultations. We schedule consultations around your hectic and busy lifestyle.  Seven days a week!

By scheduling private consultations, we are fully committed to helping you and your personal and unique challenges and objectives as an international student seeking practical internships, meaningful jobs and long term H1-B jobs.

  • In office consultations: available in any one of regional affiliate offices (by appointment):  Woodbridge, CT, Greenwich, CT; Manhattan, NY, White Plains, NY; Fort Lee, NJ, Princeton, NJ; and Boston, MA. 

  • On-campus consultations in the Northeast: available in Connecticut, Westchester County, Manhattan, Long Island, Northern New Jersey, MetroBoston and Rhode Island.

  • Phone and Skype consultations: available for at your convenience.

Our international student career advisory services which is  FEE-BASED  include:  

  • Client Employment Assessment & Analysis
  • Academic Major & Job Market Assessment & Analysis
  • Interview Preparation Strategies & Technique Sessions
  • Effective Communication and Speaking
  • Etiquette, Manners and Image Development
  • Effective Networking in America
  • Salary/Compensation Negotiation
  • Company & Industry Profile Development 
  • Research Job Opportunities
  • Research Internship Opportunities
  • Career Portfolio Development
  • Career Marketing Campaign & Development
  • Cover Letter Development & Editing
  • Resume Development & Editing
  • Letter of Recommendation Selection
  • Graduate School Admissions Advising
  • Medical School Admissions Advising

We provide single consultation sessions or more involved long-term, on-going comprehensive consultation sessions depending upon the personal career planning and development and internship or job needs of our clients.

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Our fee-based services is an investment.  It is similar, in terms of dollars, to the tuition you pay to attend a U.S. college or university.  However, we know that our services add value to your career planning and development and future employment goals. 

  • We are certain that college career centers can not provide our independent, personalized, face-to-face services and specialized and proprietary knowledge.

  • We know that our fees will cost you much less than one month of your future salary.

Who Hires Us?

Why Fee-Based Services?

Call us at any one of our offices about our services so that we can help you!.

Client Services

International students in the U.S. who:

  • Are currently enrolled or have recently graduated from an accredited U.S. college or graduate school.

  • Are actively seeking U.S. internships or jobs.

  • Are currently seeking H1-B jobs.

  • Desire one-on-one career planning and development strategies to promote themselves and stand out and secure U.S. internships or jobs.

It's great to have amazing grades, test scores, and a college resume, however, in the U.S. how you communicate effectively, how you understand the culture of internship sponsors and employers, makes the difference in whether you will be hired or not!  Our one-on-one private coaching makes that difference!

(1)  Lots of websites, blogs and college career centers provide just information.  We provide personalized and face-to-face guidance, how-to's and strategic knowledge of the ever-changing U.S. career opportunities to help our international student-clients.

(2)  At ISCA, we specialize in providing career planning and development, job and internship advisory services specifically for international students who attend U.S. accredited colleges and universities.  We also assist graduate and post graduate students with these services.

(3)  We understand the challenges that international students face with the process of obtaining Optional Practical Training (OPT) or Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and H-1B and are here to help successfully navigate through these challenges.

(4)  We help international students proactively explore both internship and job opportunities in relation to their visa categories and academic majors.

(5)  We develop networking, enhance communication and interviewing skills and facilitate the navigation of cultural differences through one-on-one career coaching practice sessions which can help international students market their unique qualities to U.S. employers.

International Student Career Advisors - job & internship search and development for international students

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How Do We Provide Our Services?

International Student Career Advisors - job & internship search and development for international students